How to Apply

The Call for Proposals for Page-Barbour Workshops for the 2021–22 academic year is now open.

We are pleased to announce that a portion of the Page-Barbour Funds will again be made available to support a wide range of initiatives to promote interdisciplinary scholarship, consistent with the general terms of the endowment. In our previous rounds of grants, we supported a wide diversity of very promising projects.

The types of activities to be supported include symposia, workshops, short-term residencies, speaker series and the like. Their common purpose will be to promote scholarly excellence.

Created by departments and programs, these interdisciplinary initiatives will supplement the Page Barbour Lectures that have, for more than a century, brought so many distinguished scholars to Grounds for three-day engagements. We look forward to the ongoing success of this program.


We invite all departments and programs to submit proposals. As noted, we will consider many different types of initiatives and indeed welcome proposals that promote intellectual exchange in novel ways. All proposals must be jointly submitted by the members of at least two participating departments or programs. Each department or program may participate in multiple interdisciplinary submissions.


Proposed initiatives should be designed to promote lively exchanges about issues at the forefront of interdisciplinary scholarly concern. The topical focus of these initiatives is open—what departments and programs think is intellectually compelling—but at the same time we will be especially attracted to initiatives that build on existing strengths and advance strategic aims. We anticipate supporting interdisciplinary initiatives that address many different topics – and thereby stimulate the whole of our academic community. We further encourage proposals that involve an active role for students, especially graduate students.


Proposals should not exceed $15,000, and they should include plans to expend the requested support approximately within one calendar year of requesting support. So that we can broaden the number of participants over the years, support will not be granted for ongoing, long-term programs. Awards of support will be competitive. The Page-Barbour Committee will fund proposals that hold the greatest promise of advancing scholarly excellence.

In this round of applications, the Committee anticipates funding five or more proposals and would support proposals that involve cost-shares by departments, programs, and other funders.


A proposal should address, in no more than two single-spaced pages, the following:

  • The intellectual focus of the initiative, including how this initiative differs from regular departmental activity;
  • its organizational format (e.g., a two-day workshop involving Departments X and Y), including, to the extent possible, names of key participants and those administratively responsible for its execution;
  • its anticipated audience (e.g., all faculty and graduate students in Departments A and B and some in Department C) and the size of this audience; and
  • planned dates and venue (or hoped-for venue).

This proposal should be accompanied by a separate document clearly indicating cost estimates of all line items in the budget. Page-Barbour funds cannot support instructional costs. If appropriate, departments may hire graduate students to help administer the initiative at $25 per hour. Please work with your departments’ fiscal administrators for assistance with cost estimates. The budget is a key component of the application.

If you have any questions about submitting an application, please contact the Page-Barbour Committee Co-Chairs Isaac Reed and Jennifer Geddes


Applications to the Committee should be sent to its graduate assistant, Laura Smith. Proposals, with their accompanying budgets, are due by April 1, 2021.